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"Sometimes nothing is really something"
By Wayne "Buzz" Allen


June 19, 2006

Just read Dave Kiffer's article on the internet regarding the Hendley-Koufax duel. Back around 1976, I first met Bob Hendley. I was in the 8th grade at the time and he was the baseball coach at my school. The next year I made the varsity High School Baseball team and Hendley was my coach. He was perhaps the best baseball coach in Macon, GA thoughout the 70s - 90s, perhaps in Georgia. Not sure of what is overall record was over the years, but I doubt his teams, in total, never lost more than 20 or 30 games over that 30 year period.

Anyway, it was not until I was playing baseball in college, that I even learned of the Koufax-Hendley matchup. I had known "Coach" Hendley for years, and he never brought this up!! I mean, I would have had business cards made up with the box scores on it..

Just thought this little email would be a good side note to your article.

Thanks for your insight.

Wayne "Buzz" Allen
Macon, GA - USA

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