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Structure Fire and Firefighter Training Exercise
By Chief Scott R. Davis


June 19, 2006

The South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting a training burn on June 24, 2006 (weather permitting) at 177 Shoup St., Ketchikan Alaska. If weather is not suitable to conduct the training exercise, the following weekends may be utilized.

This structure was graciously offered to the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department by a private owner of Shoup Street to conduct months of fire training and the final firefighting exercise for the end of June. For this we are extremely grateful. (D.E.C. Permit # AQ09940BR01)

This type of live fire training is extremely valuable to training firefighters and usually is very expensive to duplicate or simulate. We feel fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this training exercise, you are urged to contact Scott Davis with the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department at 228-6673.

Scott R. Davis, Chief
South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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