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By Joan Hurilman


June 16, 2006

To the cruise lines: Why is it the citizen of Ketchikan are not informed when a ship comes in and is carrying passengers with the Norwalk virus? Why are passengers allowed to get off of the ship? We find a ship has been quarantined at the next port, after leaving Ketchikan, by watching the news.

On Thursday (June 15th) passengers were roaming around our fair city sharing with locals that over 40 people on their ship had the Norwalk virus. Why?Why?Why? The real kicker to this is before our visitors are allowed back on the ship they are "sanitized". Are we that infectious? Everyone I know stays home when they are ill, prefering not to share their maladay with others. Shouldn't the residents of Ketchikan be granted the same respect by our visitors? As a friend of mine says "Ketchikan becomes a very large petri dish during the summer".

Joan Hurilman
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Joan Hurilman writes, "I have been a resident of Ketchikan for over 20 years and have watched the tour industry grow (along with jewelry stores), thus making our fair city a very large petri dish. "



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