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Open Letter to the Ketchikan School Board
By Shelley Stallings


June 15, 2006

KGBSD School Board,

I have had the privilege of knowing Larry Eklund both professionally and personally for the last 10-11 years. Everything I have seen and heard about the man convinces me that he is exceptionally suited to be a leader in our educational community and especially qualified to hold the position of building principal. His skills at bringing out the best in other people in his low key and humble manner should be used as THE example in schools of education worldwide.

To a large degree, the school board in the last 6-7 years has done an excellent job of bringing this community back together around education issues. This has been a welcome change from the turmoil the community had to endure for years prior to this latest period. You should be justifiably proud of this accomplishment. I fear this issue, Mr. Eklund's treatment by the administration and school board, has the potential for throwing all the good will you have earned out the window.

Most importantly, not only has Mr. Eklund been treated with gross unfairness, the entire Ketchikan community will suffer a great loss. This loss is not only in the leadership of Mr. Eklund at the high school, but possibly even more destructive, the loss of trust and faith by the community in another group of people elected to do what is best for the entire community. I ask each of you to make every effort to reverse the path the board voted to take last night.

Shelley Stallings
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: 47 years experience in education as a student, educator, parent of students and grandparent of students in the Ketchikan school district.



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