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Environmentalists Messed Up
By Robert McRoberts


June 15, 2006

Recently I was afforded an opportunity to see how far away you can get from here. And we did. My daughter (Tyler Lynn) and I found 5 days in Florida. I tried to mess up their city, but I was still no bother to them. One day it rained when we were at the Magic Kingdom. A lady was afraid she was going to melt if she stepped out from under her tent. We just kept going. It really was raining heavily for a few rides. You didn't need any fast passes after that. Splash mountain was`still wet and Thunder mountain was the dryer. The stars came out and the parade went on. But what I realized on this adventure started on the plane. I thought I could sleep my 7 hour flight and I went right out on take off but only just long enough to miss out on the only real snack on the whole ride. And the dig -e- player. So I looked out the window. About 2:AM. we went over Kansas City, we did not stop seeing city lights until we got to Georgia. Heck they didn't even have all their lights on at that time. But it was not until on the way home with a brief stop at Seattle that I came up with the answer.

Environmentalists can shut down a forest they have never seen before and know nothing about the facts of the Tongass National Forest but are allowing the most damaging thing to our environment - population explosion.

South of Canada, our country is bull dozing more forest land for more home sites and shopping malls, with bigger roads going all over the place so people can leave their life in the city to go home to the forest where no trees of size will flourish again. But in our forest, trees grow back so thick that in ten years they are producing more oxygen than ever before. Old growth timber trees do not create the same amount of oxygen that most twenty year trees do. In some new growth forest you could bottle the air it's so pure. Why is it easier to clear so much for housing when all they would have to do is slow down population growth? Make it easier for condos closer to the cities. Slow down the growth. Are these the same people who are against abortions and think people not able to have children should be able to be artificially inseminated, and have seven triplets? We the people do not need the big families like they did thirty years ago. We don't need all the help on the farm any more. Life is not as hard as it used to be. So if the environmental groups want to make real points with the whole of man kind, control population growth. The word was written to go forth and populate. I am sure it should have been said to use control. Unless it's just too late.

I have a tough time believing in things I don't understand. When we were in third or forth grade in White Cliff we were told that when all the ice caps melt the water would rise and cover us. We have lost a very large amount of ice now but the tide has never risen any higher. I even remember one storm when the tide was over Tongass Ave. I was smaller then. I do believe if we put in hydro plants and sold those millions out in the dark clean no pollution power that only needs a wire, south east could power them all for less than a gas line. The big nuke plant just north of Orlando sure looked scary.

Well just trying to get your minds on better things than present Ketchikan Gossip. We don't all live in your perfect little world some of you all live in here. We shouldn't cry about it. Do something to make a difference. Your footsteps may not be like your neighbor's but if intention is good, we're winning. And quit taking the small thing so seriously.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Robert McRoberts writes he "lived most of my life in Ketchikan but love getting away so I can remember why I love coming back. I want to open up more hope for a better place to live for years to come not just the fast buck. And I would like to thank the editor for putting up with all of us not afraid to be heard."


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