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Thou Shalt not Disagree
By Alan Lidstone


June 15, 2006

All America shares the difficulty the President and Administration face in trying to bring the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to a successful conclusion and introduce the hope of peace in the Middle East.

Dana Milbank wrote in the June 14th edition of the Washington Post that "Rove told a New Hampshire audience Monday night that Democratic critics of the Iraq war such as John Kerry and John Murtha, both combat veterans, "give the green light to go to war, but when it gets tough, they fall back of that party's old platform of cutting and running."

As a retired Naval Reservist, I ask the following questions:

(1) Did Karl Rove ever serve in the Armed Forces?

(2) Did Karl Rove's spouse, brothers, sisters, or children ever serve in the Armed Forces?

Talking tough is easy if you never have to fight the fight or share the pain of death or injury.

If Mr. Rove did not serve in the Armed Forces and his family members remain outside the fray, then perhaps he should look in the mirror when talking about "cutting and running."

The role of a major Presidential advisor should be resolve problems, not excoriate anyone who disagrees with Administration policy.

Alan Lidstone
Venice, FL - USA

About: Retired Naval Reservist and freelance writer about the RV lifestyle



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