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School Board members are interested
By Tom LeCompte


June 14, 2006

As a supporter of Larry Eklund I'm sorry this brouhaha came to this level. People we all know and respect are hurting in their hearts. Name calling and attacks not related to the issue do nothing but foster long remembered resentments. We all need to respect the other person's right to have an opinion that is different from our own.

As a teacher who walked the line in 1999, I certainly didn't always agree with "the lady who sells appliances", but I always was able to go talk to her, or call her, if I had a board concern, and she always got back to me as needed.

Likewise, I haven't always agreed with Russell Thomas. When I've had concerns and have contacted Russell we have usually chatted on the phone and often he has followed up with an e-mail as well. He does listen and think on the problems I have addressed. He has tried to explain his/the board's side of the issue. I respect that. So I'm sorry Ms. Daugherty, whom I also respect, didn't get what she was looking for immediately during this busy season.

School Board members, who are over criticized and under compensated, are interested in what the constituents have to say. Give them a call, come to the board meetings.

Hopefully Principal Eklund will ask for a public hearing in this matter and then we'll know what was behind this whole circus.

Until then, Like Mr. Bolling said so eloquently, attack the issue, not the person.


Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Tom LeCompte is a retired teacher and voter.



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