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Global Warming
By Marvin Seibert


June 14, 2006

Counterpoint to Mr. Dave Kiffer's Global Warming Commentary... global warming, I'm using small letters because people should whisper about obscure religions.

Global Warming is not Real Science but Junk Science. People supporting this view never offer any evidence that it exists. Sure we always hear that a 1000 scientist support the notion that we are causing a man-made Planetary Global Warming disaster but has anybody researched who these scientists are. It might interest you to know that three are gynecologist.

Then you hear the Polar Bear population is on the declined, they're right one group out of all the different groups of Polar Bears are on the declined the rest are doing just fine. 70 different cities are enacting polices to curb global warming, this is true but do you know what the majority of the policies entail? Higher taxes on energy, what politician do you know that will ever turn down higher taxes or lied thru the teeth to get them.

The Sun is the only thing that can regulate the warming of the Earth. Case and point, The Polar Ice caps on Mars are melting at an accelerated rate. I know it is public policy to blame everything on George W. Bush but even this is beyond his means, unless you listen to some democratic party blogger Al Gore lambastes President Bush for not signing the Kyoto Protocol. Why didn't they sign it when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were in Office? It was there for them to sign also!

France a few years ago enacted the Protocol and the result was so high of energy cost that the people there can not afford Air Conditioning. That may in itself not sound terrible uncomfortable but remember a few years ago when they had that terrible Heat wave in France and 10,000 people died of Heat related sicknesses... is that the road we want to go down?

So try to remember when someone preaches about global warming it is just another obscure religion not real science.

Marvin Seibert
Colorado Springs,CO

About: Marvin Seibert currently resides in Colorado Springs and enjoys visiting Ketchikan and all it's friendly people.


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