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Why Christians should be Involved in Politics
By Mark Beatty


June 05, 2006

In a time when politics is treated with apathy--some 75% of eligible voters do not vote, and the frustration of "why bother, all politicians are corrupt liars," the temptation for most is to save time by avoiding all involvement.

For those with a worldview informed by the Bible, however, this is not the appropriate response. Some who reject the Bible might also be influenced by this one ideal-the pursuit of justice.

Our country is founded on five ideals that together can form a more perfect Union. In the preamble of the Constitution, the first of these five is "to establish justice." This is also an ideal from the Bible that is achievable in human affairs. Hebrews 11 lists the hall of fame of heroes who achieved great things through faith. One of the great, and thus worthwhile accomplishments, is found in Hebrews 11:33, where we learn that some by faith "administered justice." I like to think the writer is referring to people like Mordecai whose deeds are recorded in the book of Esther. He lived in a time where the political corruption was so great that politicians liked to falsely accuse their adversaries and then dangle them on scaffolds 60 feet in the air-perhaps as a party novelty. Yet Mordecai became involved and, at great personal peril, achieved justice for a weak and vulnerable minority who were threatened by a powerful and bloody government.

The context of the epistle to the Hebrews provides safeguards against radicalism and delusion. The first two chapters teach Christians to listen to Jesus, great advice in a day where some claim God's authority to do foolish and harmful things. Chapters 3 and 4 teach that Christians should rest in Jesus, this helps to avoid the temporary pride and subsequent disappointments of being involved in the messy public sphere. Chapters 5 to 10 teach Christians to pray to Jesus, great wisdom when attempting the impossible. With the foundation of listening, resting, and praying, chapters 11 to 13 teach Christians to whole heartedly follow Jesus-excellent advice in a world with so many distracting and disappointing alternatives.

For Christians, the epistle to the Hebrews encourages pursuing the ideal of justice as an expression of their faith in God. Because the rewards might not come in this lifetime, one can avoid the distraction of temporary success and live the simple life of following Jesus. Who knows, miracles might happen like they did for Mordecai.

Mark Beatty
Kaneohe Hawaii

About: Mark Beatty MA, THM, PHD, MBA, JD wrote a dissertation that contains in depth analysis of the book of Hebrews. Mark is presently running as the Republican Candidate for the US Senate for Hawaii (see


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