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Seeking Your Vote
By Franklin H. James, Sr.


June 05, 2006

My name is Franklin H. James, Sr., I live in Ketchikan. I am running for the Cape Fox Corp. Board and I am seeking CFC shareholders vote. My term for CFC is up this year, I am running for the board for another 3 year term. In the last 2 years I have seen a positive change for the better, I am seeking your support to represent all CFC shareholders for another 3 years.


I am committed to making a significant and positive difference in the lives of our shareholders.
My goal is what can I do for Cape Fox Corporation, not what Cape Fox Corporation can do for me.


Cape Fox Corporation is a Native Corporation owned by Natives, I am dedicated to help build a bright future for all shareholders.


I promise if elected to consistently help incorporate strong values in business efforts by:
Help in building businesses with respect for our culture;
Always identifying our business as an Alaska Native Corporation;
Help in preserving ANCSA lands for future generations of our shareholders;
Help in demonstrating leadership with regard to the environment;
This has always been my goal; retaining 100 percent Native control of the corporation, and providing empowering opportunities for our shareholders.


Continually strive to move forward every year and learn not to make the same mistakes that were made in the past, I will continually strive to try and make a profit for CFC:
Significantly increasing Native management of its divisions and companies;
Help and try increasing profitability and dividends through sound business practices;
Help and try to vertically integrating investments while broadening our corporate reach;
Try to be cautious, and prudently try our best to manage our financial assets to generate the highest return while preserving our equity;
I promise not to see how much dollars I can get from CFC, but what can I do to make CFC a profitable Corporation.


We have no more timber to fall back on if we make mistakes; We need people on the board that has outside knowledge on business. As much as we like being involved in tourism, the real money is not there, we have to be involved in other business ventures.
I have traveled for different companies through out North & South American, and through out Asia, today I still travel for some companies.


A year ago, I was having a lot of trouble with my ears; in fact, at the last annual meeting my hearing was at its worst, over 84% were translated wrong, I now have my new hearing aids, and my hearing is now at its best.

I am seeking your support,

Franklin H. James, Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About:Franklin H. James, Sr. writes, "I have a commercial skipper for over 40 years; I have worked out of Hawaii, Japan and Korea since 1978, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 1987 and China, Burma and Cambodia since 1993. I more or less worked as a broker, consultant for China, and right now I am a director for Cape Fox Corp."



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