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Construction Mess
By Laurie Price


June 04, 2006

Why are there no portapotties in the work zones on Tongass Avenue?

Are business owners suppose to supply paper and water for these workers?

Am I going to be compensated for the dirt and muck on my floors?

Can any one give a completion date for this mess? At one time I was told that they would be done in front of my place by May 15th. They did not even start until June.

Just some questions that a lot of people have and no one has answers.

I know that I am not the only upset business owner in town because of this mess. I would have been more than happy to be closed for the entire month of October. But come on - it is gravy season..

Thank you to my very very loyal customer base which have been able to find parking and with a little walk able to make it in.

Laurie Price
Ward Cove, AK - USA

About: Laurie Price is a 15 year resident and business owner in the construction zone.


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