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A call for action
By Mike Isaac


June 02, 2006

Now that the US Senate has done their best to destroy this country, it is time for us fellow bloggers to save this great Nation by doing 3 things. 1. Stop sending the RNC money if you are still doing so, they are in part behind this amnesty scam. If you feel you must send $$$, then send it to guys like Tom Tancredo or Dana Rohrabacher they both got A+ grades at 2. Call your congressman, let them know that they will not get your vote if they go along with Bush and the Senate. 3. Vote out the Senate members that sold out America when the time comes, Stevens, Boxer, Murrey, McCain they are all a bunch of sell outs and need to go. Here is how to call congress

Mike Isaac
Crestline, CA - USA

About: Mike Isaac is a former longtime Ketchikan resident.



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