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KIC annual meeting
By David Jensen


June 02, 2006

On Sunday, June 4th, a derby day, the KIC annual meeting is scheduled to be held. The first public announcement I have seen was in the June 1st Ketchikan Daily News, just three days before the meeting. This is the first mention I have heard of a date for the annual meeting since the cancellation of the previously scheduled May date. Proper preparation by staff for the annual meeting takes more than three days; was staff given more than three days notice? If so why wasn't membership notified earlier also?

I see in the notice, there will be two guest speakers from Washington DC. I wonder if they were given earlier notice of the date of this meeting so they could make travel arrangements. If they were, why weren't the members given the same consideration? Many of them may also want to travel to attend the meeting. I am curious why a Sunday was chosen for the meeting, especially a derby day when fewer people are likely to attend. Also with two special speakers, will there be time for members to participate?

KIC is not a small organization with just a few members that can be called at the last minute to 'drop down to a meetin'. KIC has over five thousand members, a budget of $15 million, and 140 employees. It is time for the KIC Tribal Council to meets its duty of accountability, as well as show respect to its membership by, at the very least, providing an announcement sufficiently ahead of the meeting date (not the absolute minimum required for a regular council meeting) to allow for planning and travel by its members. Better yet, would be for KIC to notify members individually, by mail, of the date and agenda. Scheduling the meeting at the same time each year (as done in the past) would also help members plan their attendance.

David Jensen
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: KIC tribal citizen, past tribal concil member, past tribal council member, working for Truth, Justice, and the Tribal Way.



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