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Big Oil Companies
By David Blasczyk


June 02, 2006

I don't know Governor Murkowski personally and I don't know the men who are running the big oil companies. I do know this that in sales it is a great thing to get the buyer to think that you are friends. I sold cars for awhile and found that I could make more in commissions if I could get the buyer to like me and trust me. That situation makes for a better deal for you the seller. It doesn't make a better deal for the buyer and increases the probability that you will not get a good deal. I took this knowledge with me and have used it as a buyer ever since. Never be friends with the seller!!! We have to remember the goals of the seller. Their goal is to make the most money possible. To get the best deal possible. That is how things are. These oil companies are not in Alaska to make sure we have a better standard of living they are here to make a profit.

Governor Murkowski's friendly relationship with the oil companies makes him a poor choice to be Alaska's spokesperson in regards to business with the oil companies.

That is my opinion!

David Blasczyk
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I moved my family to Ketchikan from Denver in 2002. I love the beauty of nature that Alaska still has and the kind hearted community minded people who are living here. I beleive that the most important thing in everyone' life is the earth and I feel that our planet is under attack by greedy Corporations who don't value it."


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