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Minutemen and their mission
By Timothy Droke


June 01, 2006

It really amazes me the ignorance that persists regarding the Minutemen and their mission. It was stated in this forum that the Minutemen organization are nothing but snakes and are brutalizing people who only want "a better way of life" (to paraphrase). One of the main tenents of the Minutemen is that if you step over the line and break any law for your personal satisfaction then you have no business and are not wanted. The mission is also to observe and call the proper authority when an illegal activity is witnessed. This includes drug smuggling also (Mexican Meth another large problem with the unsecured border). So I encourage anyone to visit the Minutemen web site and get a better understanding of what they are doing. I also would encourage anyone who has information of any "brutalization" by any member of the Minutemen patrol to let them know immediately! However I doubt such evidence exists it is just a statement of ignorance. There also seems to be this rationalization that it is ok to cross over our border illegally to "find a better way of life", it is not. We have a system in place that allows for more legal immigrants than any other western nation. China has more than 400 million people who live on less than a dollar a day so should we allow as many people from China who "want a better life" in with no documentation? Or does Mexico's proximity give them an exclusive right to enter our country illegally?

Living in Arizona we are paying for this problem big time, it costs millions of dollars in law enforcement and health care. We see it on the local news all the time. It is now common for the "Coyotes" to try to outrun the police once they have made it to a US highway system causing accidents, endangering lives and stressing the local services to a breaking point. Just this morning 118 illegals were caught inside of a drop house just north of Nogales in a small town called Rio Rico, just another day here in Arizona where over 23 houses in the southern part of the state have been found to be used as drop houses since October and thousands of illegal aliens crossed in to the state just last week. Here in Maricopa county America's "toughest sheriff" Sheriff Joe Arpaio has started arresting and prosecuting illegal immigrants under conspiracy laws a welcome sign.

The Minutemen have brought this problem to the forefront of many American minds and I am glad that they did! No one has any problem with immigrants just as long as they follow the law and wait in line like someone from The Netherlands, Brazil or wherever they may come from. Vicente Fox says that it is disturbing to him that we are militarizing the border. Well Vicente it is disturbing that your country is the number one silver producer in the world, fifth in oil reserves and has beautiful tropical beaches on both oceans yet is so corrupt that people are willing to risk their lives walking through 115 degree deserts to pick lettuce. Get your side of the border taken care of and let us worry about ours. The bottom line is that illegal immigrants are breaking the law and America is a sovereign country and as such has the right to limit whomever it allows to enter.

Timothy Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA

About: Timothy Droke writes he was "born and raised in Alaska. I now live in Arizona. The majority of my family lives in SE Alaska from Juneau to K town."


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