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Alaska Fire/Smoke


June 30, 2005

On Tuesday, June 27, Fairbanks was directly in the path of smoke blown in from fires just north of Eagle. In the following days, smoke blanketed the entire Interior, which led to an air quality alert issued for the region by the Division of Air Quality of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC).

jpg Alaska fire/smoke images

GINA, a facility at the Geophysical Institute, provides statewide imagery for Alaska, updated in near-real-time, is available by following the link "Alaskan Images Fire/Smoke" at

Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) was established in 2001 as the University of Alaska's mechanism for organizing and sharing diverse geospatial data and technological capabilities.

According to a study just released by the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, wildfires in Alaska and Canada in 2004 emitted about as much carbon monoxide as did human-related activities in the continental United States during the same time period.

The team concluded that the Alaskan and Canadian wildfires emitted about 30 teragrams of carbon monoxide from June through August of last year. Because of the wildfires, ground-level concentrations of ozone increased by 25% or more in parts of the northern continental United States and by 10% as far away as Europe.


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Wednesday - June 29, 2005


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Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA)
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