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Alaska Hire Job Determinations Announced


June 28, 2005

Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Greg O'Claray announced Friday the renewal of the resident hire job determinations for publicly funded construction projects in Alaska. Alaska resident hire requirements apply to job categories with high unemployment rates. Based on an analysis of the most recent employment data, the Alaska resident hiring preference shall apply in 16 out of 22 potential occupational categories.

According to Commissioner O'Claray, "This determination provides a critical incentive toward putting Alaskans to work in good job opportunities created through the Murkowski administration's statewide development and economic growth incentives. We still have work to do to reach Governor Murkowski's 90% Alaska hire goal. My department currently trains, or provides grants to train and place in high paying construction jobs, well over a thousand Alaskans each year, but we can and will do better. We need a renewed commitment from Alaska businesses and labor, especially those who will be involved in the construction of the gas pipeline, to aggressively pursue Governor Murkowski's commitment to recruit and train our young people currently enrolled in high schools around the state, to pursue a high paying career in the construction trades when they graduate. The jobs are there now and there will be more in the future. To meet this growing demand, we need to expand both the state's and the construction industry's training programs so Alaskans will be prepared to fi ll these good jobs."

The statewide 90% hiring preference covers most public construction contracts in Alaska. The resident hire requirements allow for hiring non-resident workers only after documented efforts to recruit Alaskans have been unsuccessful. The resident hire occupational categories covered by today's announcement are:

Bricklayers      Equipment Operators      Piledriving Occupations
Carpenters      Insulation Workers      Plumbers and Pipe fitters
Cement Masons      Ironworkers      Roofers
Culinary Workers      Laborers      Truck Drivers
Electricians      Mechanics      Welders      Painters


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