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Gas Pipeline Work the Subject of D.C. Trip


June 24, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski made a visit to Washington, D.C. this week to advance progress on gas pipeline negotiations.

"After waiting more than 30 years to develop our natural gas resources, we have no less than three applicants to ship North Slope gas to market. We are working to progress all three projects so that ultimately we can decide which one is in the best interest of the state. Completing these negotiations is the state's top priority," Murkowski said.

The governor met Wednesday morning with TransCanada CEO Hal Kvisle (Quiz-lee) to discuss TransCanada's proposed project and how it could be most quickly built through Canada without delay due to litigation. The governor and Kvisle also discussed how to complete TransCanada's negotiations with the state.

Governor Murkowski then attended a meeting between the producers and Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie. The meeting was intended to discuss which regulatory process would be used in Canada and how best to construct the pipeline without delay through the Yukon Territory.

"We have an existing easement across the Yukon which should be seen as a benefit to the project," Premier Fentie said. "The Yukon government has long supported construction of the Alaska gas pipeline."

The governor then led a separate five-hour discussion with the producers to advance completion of a Stranded Gas Act contract to present to a special session of the Alaska Legislature this fall. "It is time to complete these negotiations in a way which best meets the needs of the state. I do not intend to allow these negotiations to drag out," Murkowski said.

The governor and Premier Fentie met with federal officials Thursday to move the Alaska gas pipeline proposal forward and to promote a rail link between Alaska and the Lower 48 via Canada.


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