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49.7-pound King Wins of 58th Annual King Salmon Derby


June 13, 2005

jpg Kevin Johnson & 39.7 pound king salmon

Kevin Johnson nets 8th place with his
39.7-pound king salmon.
Photo by Misty Pattison ©2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - The unofficial results have been announced for the 3rd and final week of the 58th King Salmon Derby. And it looks like the big prize winner is Craig Cannon with a 49.7-pound king. Claiming second place is Michael Benson with a 47.6-pound king. Val Strassel who held first place on the ladder for the first two weeks is now in position three on the ladder with a 43.6-pound king.

This family event which is sponsored by the Ketchikan CHARR membership has remained a grass roots effort over the 58 years of its existence and attracts over a thousand participants of all ages annually.

Local businesses sponsor a varitey of cash and prizes that are awarded to the top anglers. The first place derby ladder prize is $10,000 cash provided by the King Salmon Derby Committee. A complete list of all the prizes and sponsors is available on the Ketchikan CHARR web site.

All proceeds from the King Salmon Derby remain in the community and benefit the community in a variety of ways. Four non-profit organizations - the Knights of Columbus, the Society of American Foresters Dixon Entrance Chapter, the Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad, and HoopMania - partner with the Derby staffing the weigh in stations. Each non-profit organization is given a stipend for their work which in turn is distributed through their respective activities throughout the local area.

According to CHARR, proceeds from the Derby have supported such projects as training for the local Search and Rescue group, the Deer Mountain Hatchery, and the downtown Ketchikan welcome arch. Currently, all proceeds from the Derby are used to provide scholarships for local students.

The Derby Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, June 17.

The 58th King Salmon Derby was held on May 28, 29, & 30; June 4 & 5; and June 11 & 12, 2005.

1 49.7 Craig Cannon
2 47.6 Michael Benson
3 43.6 Val Strassel
4 42.9 Brian Reno
5 41.7 Clay Slanaker
6 41.1 Jerry Rivera
7 39.7 Rochelle Leask
8 39.7 Kevin Johnson
9 37.7 Mike Effenberger
10 37.3 Barbara Fitzgerald
11 37.1 Jay Sipe
12 36.7 John Carey
13 36.2 Alec Simmons
14 36 Roger Alexander
15 36 Brad Tyler
16 35.9 Tim Winsenberg
17 35.7 Robert Nedzwecky
18 35.4 Cole Johnson
19 35.1 Mark Henshaw
20 35.1 Mark Hoyt
21 34.9 Keli Reno
22 34.8 Sam Pflaum
23 34.8 Micah Henrick
24 34.5 Zachary Brannon
25 34.4 Ken Pearson
26 34.2 Alex Brendible
27 34.1 Eddie Lucas
28 34 Ronald Wiks
29 34 Kenneth Williams
30 34 Christine Schulz


Week 3 Unofficial Special Prize Categories w/Daily Drawing Winners

Biggest King in a 16 foot or less Skiff: Brad Tyler, 36.0#

Angler between age 6 and 15 years: Sam Pflaum, 34.8#

Angler w/AK Fish & Game Permanent Fishing License: Barbara Fitzgerald, 37.3#

Cumulative Weight: Bill Pattison, 287.3#

Daily Drawing for Day 6 of the Derby, June 11, 2005: Barry Yoseph

Daily Drawing for Day 7 of the Derby, June 12, 2005: Robbie T. Whitton

Hidden Weight Categories: Winners will be announced at the Derby Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 17.

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