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A Kool Tradition
By Dick Kauffman


June 08, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - Much more than a fun way to spend a summer day with friends, managing a cool drink stand can help develop life skills and is a money maker too!

jpg A Kool Tradition

A Kool Tradition: Alex Blasczyk, Annie Johnson, Kenny Johnson and Alexis Rud
Photo by Dick Kauffman

Alex Blasczyk, Annie Johnson, Alexis Rud and Kenny Johnson have set up a Kool-Aid stand on South Point Higgins at the home of Lane and Susan Johnson. According to these young 7-9 year old entrepreneurs, they sell their drinks for 50 cents a cup and reported a gross sale of $19.00 in the first hour Tuesday. Of course, business isn't always booming, they reported Monday was slow with a gross of $12.00.

Selling cool drinks has been a family tradition for the Johnson children for many years said Lane Johnson, father of Annie and Kenny Johnson. An older Johnson brother and sister first started the summer stand business around six years ago. Now the stand is being managed by two younger Johnson siblings - Annie and Kenny Johnson - and two neighborhood friends - Alex Blasczyk and Alexis Rud.

They opened the stand a few days a week for the first two weeks and they will be opened on a nonscheduled basis for the rest of the summer.

This stand helps these young entrepreneurs learn everything about managing a business, handling money and learning to be polite to prospective customers.



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