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Fire Marshal Warns of High Fire Risk
Important to discard smoking materials properly


June 06, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - The residents and visitors of Ketchikan are enjoying a warm and dry spring season. However, Kevin C. Murphy, Fire Marshal for the City of Ketchikan said, "Due to dryer than normal weather patterns coupled with windy conditions, we have been experiencing an increase in fires caused by improperly discarded smoking materials."

Murphy said, "Improperly discarded smoking materials are causing preventable fires. So far, these fires have resulted in only minor to moderate damage, although the potential for a fire of major significance was present at every incident."

"All persons who choose to smoke are responsible for extinguishing and disposing of their smoking material in a safe manner," said Murphy. "Smokers are required to place the discarded smoking material in a container that will prevent it from igniting other combustible material. Smokers should not drop smoking material on the ground, in garbage cans, or dumpsters," said the Fire Marshal.

"Business owners can help reduce this fire risk by supplying their employees with approved containers in the area where employees take their smoke breaks. All smokers can help reduce this fire risk by being responsible for their discarded smoking material." said Murphy.

Improperly discarding smoking materials is a violation of the Fire Code. Violation of the Fire Code is punishable by a penalty or fine.




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