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By Linda Burger


June 30, 2005

Mr. Thompson let me tell you why I did not have any money left. I entered the US via New York around 11:pm. By the time I was through immigration it was already after midnight. Since my next flight out left at six in the morning, I decided to not waste money on a hotel for a few hours.

At this point I had some British pounds left, but no American currency although I had my ATM card ( with money available). Unfortunately, Newark airport did not have any ATM points after security check. My next stop was Chicago, unfortunately my inbound flight was a little late and I had to rush to catch my flight.

At SeaTac I thought I'd see if I can find an ATM. Again, unfortunately, no ATMs after security. To my relief there was an ATM at Ketchikan airport, only to find it out of order! That's why I was "penniless"!

Besides, it was my first time in London, England and I'm young! I saved for months on end for that trip. Why should I not spend my hard earned money?

Linda Burger
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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