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Axe throwing
By Neil Gray


June 27, 2005

I have a couple of comments as a result of the letters here from Kristen Thweatt and Barry Trudeau. It would be interesting to hear the reasoning behind the decision by the Board Of Directors of the Fourth Of July Timber Carnival not to allow Kristen to demonstrate axe throwing. Has the art of timber related axe throwing, log rolling, speed climbing, and other timber related activities become so commercialized that there is no longer room for the "real" timber people to demonstrate their skills?

How many of us recall the days when Norman Walker Field was packed with fans, tourists, and friends of the loggers from Southeast Alaska competing for the prize money as they demonstrated in competition what they did for a living. Granted, the industry isn't what it used to be, but there must be room somewhere for that type of event structure. It was an "Event" to be sure. We even did live reports on KTKN with the results of the events as they happened. Right Malcom Doiran? I recall you competing year after year keeping up with the young "kids."

I hope the local flavor hasn't been lost downtown or city wide. Our Chamber of Commerce Fourth of July Parade Committee worked hard putting together an entertaining parade that included crews and music from the visiting cruise ships. There were booths of games and food on the docks, and just plain fun things going on from downtown to the ball park. I hope Ketchikan never loses sight of those days.

Like I said, times are different now. Change is hard to accept. But, sometimes there are things that just shouldn't change.

Oh yes..the Fireworks! I recall one year watching an Alaska Airlines jet flying probably 30,000 feet over Ketchikan flashing their landing lights in response to the fireworks display below them as they passed by.

Everybody in Ketchikan have a happy and safe Fourth Of July! It used to be a one of a king celebration. I hope it still is.

Good luck Kristen.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA



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