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Fortunate Son
By Norbert Chaudhary


June 26, 2005

Happy Birthday America! Or is it? This Fourth of July take a moment and think about what our country has become.

America's downward slide is visible to all who open their eyes. Of course with most of the press controlled by only a few people, it is hard for Americans to fully grasp just how dire things have become. The middle class is wilting away, millions of desperate poor are crossing into our country illegally while the rich have walled themselves away from the masses and established a permanent ruling class elite.

Global trade is One Way as exports dwindle and imports rise. Our sons and daughters are dying daily in war and Communist China is now viewed more favorably than the USA by most of the countries we call our friends. The destruction of the environment continues unabated while the USA is the only First World Nation that refuses to admit that global warming is even happening. Individual freedom has been sacrificed in the name of national security. Big Brother is watching You. Is this something to feel proud of? How and why did we get to this point in our history and what can we do about it?

The two party system has failed us. Lobbyists have replaced elected officials and Mega Multi National Corporations dictate American foreign, domestic and even local policy. As they reap in tremendous profits, outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas or hiring illegal aliens within the USA, the tax burden on the working class increases.

It's time for the people to take back our Government. What can you do? Become informed, take a stand and Vote. Locally we can make an immediate difference, nationally it is a bit harder. I for one will not register to vote as a Republican or a Democrat. Both parties are completely Under The Influence of special interests and the only way I can let Them know
I am not happy about this is to vote third party.

So be patriotic and if you love your country - get involved before it's too late. Remember, Think Globally, act Locally.

Norbert Chaudhary
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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