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We can not save the world
By Robert McRoberts


June 25, 2005

Well you are all right - we should not be in Iraq. There was a simple step in world security that should have been taken. If So-Damn-Insane was playing with weapons of mass destruction we should have just eliminated the whole county and said we did not do it. Every one would have though he had an accident and blew himself up. I have friends that have kids there and they should not be there - not at all. It's their problem not ours. They do not like us or our way of life. Just because we can do this (give our opinions) so let's just try to fix our problems.
It seems we have two choices these days - Republicans or Democrats. They cannot seem to agree on a damn thing. They waste so much time and money because they do not care about us. They're just worried about themselves or their rich friends. What a joke. America has sold its soul for cheap crap that falls apart if you use it. Like it or leave it you say. Government is a group of people who are better than the rest of us. Too bad... they need us.
Well there's lots of thing to bitch about but let's not waste our time trying to save the world. Let's save ourselves first. But don't forget the world has been changing from the beginning of time. Some day we may get to experience the end of many things and be able to do nothing. Here we have a local building inspector worried about earthquakes - but what previsions are there for Tsunamis? They kill more people and brother if one came upon our little town we would be washed off and no more town.
Some things you just can't do anything about and history is one of them. Let's just get out of all these foreign countries if they're on Mr. Bolling's list. They don't care about us only our monies. But Canada is not that bad. You don't see too many coming from there to live in our mess. They just have too many French relatives. But B.C. and us have a lot in common and a few of us have some good friends there.
Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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