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June 25, 2005

As one of the parents of a recently graduated 8th grade student who never in two years actually attended Schoenbar School (as Larry Eklund distinguished for parents at the recently held 8th Grade Continuation Ceremony) Schoenbar school SHOULD NOT in this coming school year continue to be parsed out to the winds in this never ending "interim" remodeling phase. Kids in multiple schools for 7th grade, kids in Kayhi for 8th grade, staff distanced from each other, no dedicated principal or support staff of their own, etc., etc. It was wrong of the school board to decide to do so two years ago and it should not continue to be the status quo one day into the next school year - especially since there is now a principal for Schoenbar who has been hired and the Schoebar staff has already begun the process of planning and designating their professional responsibilities in regard to being back together again. Don't keep that from happening just because McGraw drags its feet, just because the borough has a right to demand ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL completion of this project prior to occupation.

Please address your concerns to the borough, school board and school Ssperintendent to bring the kids and teachers together again ASAP and let the image to the community be a strong POSITIVE one wherein we assert that McGraw doesn't "own" the watering down of the middle school program in this town for one more day by keeping children out of their rightful school. A "middle school" can be wherever we envision it - but for a third year to have it be parsed out. Please say it "ain't" so....

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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