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Our water and cancer
By Bob Allen


June 25, 2005

So it continues that our water is declared not safe.

Are people now curious whether there is a connection with the high amount of cancer in our town and the water we drink?

Is the bottled water we are drinking any safer then the city water?

Why did KPU come out and tell people the water was not safe? Was it because they had to or was it because some one felt a "moral" responsibility? I would say they had no choice.

I wonder how long this problem has been going on? I have known so many people here in this town alone that have died of cancer and I have only been here 3 years. I can count and name 16 people that I know right now that have cancer right here in Ketchikan.

So what is the deal? Is it the fish? Is it the water?

While our political officials lobby to get money for stupid things, maybe they should be paying more attention to our safety.

But our safety won't put any money in their pocket will it?

It is time that we as Ketchikan residents stand up for our health, and demand people be held responsible for what is going on in this town.

Pollution from the Pulp Mill and the lack of responsibility to clean that area up is making things unsafe. Just go by Ward Cove and see the constant sheen over the water. And when the tides change where is all that pollution going? Out into the narrows and the fish we eat.

Let's make someone responsible, now while we still can.

Bob Allen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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