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By Barry Trudeau


June 25, 2005

I don't see why a person who has lived in Ketchikan all of their life cannot be given four minutes to throw axes. How about down at the wharf? What ever happened to the Fourth of July? It used to be fun for everyone downtown. The whole waterfront lit up with activity. It wasn't just the tour ships, in fact I don't remember them ever being present on the Fourth. If they were you didn't notice there was so much going on. Oh and they were smaller. The docks were given over to the People of Ketchikan and surrounding towns for those couple of days. More than a parking lot for seventy five cars is needed. The parade is great but the celebration and fun on the dock is lacking in festivity and room to move around.

Kristen deserves a space, so do a lot of artists in Ketchikan. It's a good time for people to enjoy what they have in what used to be every body's favorite meeting place rain or shine.

Maybe I'm missing something here.

Barry Trudeau


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