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Is the US Flag the American Koran?
By Stanley Arcieri


June 23, 2005

Most of us are liberal enough in spirit to feel it's excessive to consider the desecration of the Bible or the Koran a literal crime against God. We know the Koran is considered especially sacred in Islam. From our cultural distance, we think the fierce concern around the physical sacredness of any mere book, however holy in spirit, represents a loss of balance. Some agree. Some disagree. 
The Republican led US House of Representatives passed a resolution by a 236-to-130 vote on June 22, 2005 calling for a constitutional amendment that would make it a crime against the state to physically "desecrate" the nation's flag.  "Desecrate" means to violate the sacred. We are in a rush to condemn others for their religious beliefs while not looking soberly at our own equally "sacred" secular beliefs
The flag is symbolically sacred because it guarantees freedom of speech to all citizens.  Americans have died defending that freedom. We need to maintain our mental balance if we propose to be an example of a special kind of freedom in the world.
Stanley Arcieri
Mill Valley, CA - USA




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