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Surrounded by danger
By Sheldon Skillie


June 23, 2005

WOW! So the other day on narrow little Park Ave. my wife and I were getting out of our car. Then danger surrounded us.

Here's what happened: The Trolley tours were going along just like ordinary, slow, slowing up traffic, yeah whatever. But the gray bus tour driver behind them couldn't wait to get along. I know, nearly everyone who has ever driven behind them has surely lost their patience. So this guy (tall, young, wears glasses-I'll just call him "Chet") decided to just PASS like most everybody else.

The problem is that my wife was already standing outside the car with the door locked ready to move away from the vehicle when this reckless driver decided to pass - trapping my wife between our car and his big HUGE moving bus!

If only he were trapped within an inch of his life like that maybe he wouldn't DRIVE LIKE AN IDIOT.

Sheldon Skillie
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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