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Helping Iraq
By Rick Grams


June 23, 2005

Devon Jones has said what I believe can only be spoken appropriately from those involved. In nearly every conflict/war the United States has led, there has always been a willingness to finish the job by those on the front lines. America committed itself to the change in Iraq when the first bomb fell - this is a committment that cannot be taken back or shrugged off.

I also believe and fully support the right for free speech. However, as a Veteran myself I encourage those who are against the American involvement in Iraq and who have never experienced a live battlefield to think before you speak. It is definitely an emotional subject. We all want the American forces to be home and yet we all want the American forces to be successful.

The alternative is for America to quit. This would serve no purpose and make all actions up to this point totally in vain. For me, that option would be an unacceptable choice. American involvement in Iraq is not about politics, history books, or oil (although it did seem to start that way). Now it is about doing what is right in the world, being a country of leadership and example, acting for what we believe in as a society, and creating hope for those people who had none.

Don't fall for the media hype of negativity about Iraq. Do some research, you'll find the good signs as well - the information our media doesn't seem to acknowledge. Here's a nice side effect of the American efforts - "Iranians Feel America's Presence in the Region Helps Their Chances at Freedom"

Thank you to those who are serving today. The American prescence around the world makes a significantly safer country for those of us at home. You know what they say - "If you can read this thank a Teacher - If you can freely express your opinions on SITNEWS thank a Veteran!"

Rick Grams
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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