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By Joe Branco


June 23, 2005

I am getting sick of all this moaning about the reasons we are involved in the war in Iraq. Whine Whine Whine - Bush Lied! Blah Blah Blah. Look, if you have ever watched the History channel about Iraq, Saddam Hussein, or the Middle East, you would know exactly why we are in this war in an effort to liberate a terrorized region of our Earth.

I seem to recall that during World War II, America, as always, had a major anti-war movement that actually kept the US from getting involved in the struggles in Europe and the rest of the world at the time. In fact, even after being attacked on US soil, the anti-war movement held back the US involvement in the World crisis. I'm sure millions of Jews are so happy for the anti-war movement of the US that managed to postpone our involvement for years. Don't you see how now, after the fact, the anti-war crusaders of that time can safely say, Yeah, we (US) went in and saved everyone - we are heroes - and take credit for the amazing triumphs of the war? And nowadays, everyone agrees that defeating Hitler was one of the most important and necessary events in the history of mankind. Yet, back in the day, just like today, people like you all were whining over diction rather than focusing on the bigger picture.

Sometimes you have to use a little more instinct and a little less debate. It reminds me of two guys who have a gun to their heads by a crazed mad man. The first man is about to grab his gun and shoot the crazed mad man to protect the lives of the two men and the families upstairs. The first man says, "He is going to kill us!" The second man starts whining as the first man grabs his weapon, You can't shoot him, he has not done anything to us yet and you don't know if he is going to kill us - perhaps the gun waving in our face and the crazed look in his eyes are just a part of his culture - a part we should respect; you are probably just going to shoot him because he has a red shirt or because he is of foreign descent - BLAM BLAM! Both men are shot dead. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM Families, Women, Children, Hopes, Dreams, Freedom, gone - DEAD.

And WHY you ask? Because our country is infected with people who care more about the fine print on the bullet screaming at their chest than the fact that there is a bullet screaming at their chest! A large number of our population champion loopholes over justice, fairness over survival, and the whimsical over the logical.

While you are busy reasoning with tyrants who murder and torture their own people, rape children in front of their parents, and kill their own family members for looking at them cross-eyed, I'll be reloading my Shotgun. Click Click

America has a duty to the rest of the World to aid in ending the reign of tyrants and madmen who terrorize the World. I do not care if Bush said we are going to war with Iraq because Hussein's mustache is lame and his green uniform looks like a cross between a gardener, a Girl Scout, and a Vegas showgirl. When we ALL know the history of this man's reign and the horrible atrocities of his administration for years, what billboard of proof do you require that magically justifies US involvement in the region? One of my very best friends in this world is an Iranian woman - and let me be the first to say that the people in the Middle East live in absolute fear and a state of brainwash forced on them through this fear.

And even though I'm fully aware you whiners will harpoon me for this submission, I still beg you take a look at the bigger picture - in moments of crisis - those in power must do what is right - not what is politically acceptable (a capricious concept). Bush will be remembered as the President who removed a madman and helped rebuild and liberate a once terrorized nation. And as in the past, the antiwar whiners of today will share in the credit, after the fact, on behalf of the US for our aid in this crisis.

Click Click - Let's Roll.

Joe Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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