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Can't wait to visit your corner of the world!
By Bill Nelson


June 23, 2005

It is a hot June day that this flatlander is living through here in Minnesota but it is more bearable knowing that in a few short weeks I'll be landing in Ketchikan to visit our son and his wife. This will be our fourth trip to Ketchikan and we look foreward to it as much as the first.

It's like I'm arriving as I write, I can feel the plane making it's decent as we're turning for our final approach to the airport. We were only a moment ago in bright sunlit skies but now are surrounded by gray, this is when I'm looking out that window trying to get my first glimpse of Ketchikan.

Sure enough we come through the clouds and yeah it's raining but there's Ketchikan surrounded by trees, at the waters edge. I can see the boats in the water below and know that soon I'll be out in one of those boats with a plane over my head. We look out the window just before landing to see if we can see a familiar vehicle waiting for us across from the airport but that doesn't happen.

The next thing you know the tires screech, we're on the ground, everything is whizzing by our window and even though it is our fourth landing I 'll give the arm rest a little squeeze until I know we've slowed enough not to end up in the water. Then we're at the gate, off the plane and with luggage in tow step out into that Ketchikan air. I love the smell of Ketchikan when I step outside that airport.

Then we get the ferry ride to the other side, we look forward to that ride, standing up front feeling and smelling the fresh air, seeing the boats and planes going about their daily routines it's great! Then there sits Ketchikan, Deer Mountain, the trees, the water,all of it. Again, it's great!

And I hope that the day never comes that when I come to Ketchikan, I look down the waterway and see a bridge, and in regards to that bridge "be careful what you wish for you might get it." And in regards to the scenery that has been and for now is occupying the space where the bridge may end up "You don't know what you've got till it"s gone."

Can't wait to visit your corner of the world!

Best Wishes,

Bill Nelson
North Saint Paul, MN - USA



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