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McGraw & Schoenbar, PIPSTERS...
By Bill Ayers


June 22, 2005

McGraw & Schoenbar: C'mon people! Didn't you notice a decade or more ago that somehow they always make the lower bid and get it, with a clause written into the contract that pays them when they go over budget & run behind the clock? How did this happen? We didn't keep close enough tabs on it! I didn't, I'm upset that it's taking so long, but I don't have kids that are being shoved around every where except where they should go! But it's not just the parents' responsibility, it is all of ours! Let's all be more active in keeping tabs on what our local government is spending ALL OUR MONEY on!

PIPSTERS Listen to me! Please send me a dollar for every one you send. I could really use it, and when one of those dollars wins the Illinois lottery I will send you two dollars back! Please flood my mailbox with envelopes containing your contributions! (note: do not enclose return address)

I respect Mr. Hoff's freedom to speak on any issue. I will defend his right to do so to my last dying breath. Please don't attack him on a personal basis, or regional basis.

On the same note, why did you leave the land you love enough to defend only with words from far away Mr. Hoff?

Walt Bolling, thank you for saying what I had wanted to. Red, White, & Blue! Stars & Stripes forever! If other people don't feel this way, they can move to a country that respects freedom of speech more than the Great United States of America! (and I hope they have a great time explaining to the dictatorship or total lollygagging government why they agree with them, or not/ right before they get shot or sentenced to being a .....)

Bill Ayers
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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