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By Amy Schmitt


June 22, 2005

I just wanted to say, way to go to whoever wrote the letter about the presidential speech!!!! I totally agree, and although it is not realistic I bet Bush would love to tell the world exactly what is written in this letter.

I did want to comment though, on the growing cruelty and mean spirited letters that people are submitting. If we could just remember that everyone has their own opinion, based on the information they have been provided about any subject. I do not believe that in most situations, anyone has all the information, and that many times some things have been omitted. But in any event, people have a right to their opinions - but do not have the right to hurt others to defend their beliefs. This goes for words as well as actions. I enjoy reading the opinions, but do not like to see how mean the people of Ketchikan can be to one another when they can't agree.

After all, we spent months complaining about the Third Avenue Bypass, and little attention has been given to the fact that many of the issues are being solved. People were really upset about these community problems and became quite emotional about the whole thing, so why did we just skip onto the next thing to complain about with little mention?

I would like to personally thank the homeowners on the corner of Third and Jefferson for their different, but both effective methods of solving the traffic problems involving their fences at that intersection. One put up a chain fence at the corner so you can see downhill, and on the other side, the owners modified their fence (gave up a portion of their yard) by cutting off the corner of the fence and putting in a planter box on the street side. Way to go, and many thanks to you!!!!

I guess we need to decide what we want sitnews to be for us. Is it just another place for people to hurt each other, or is it a place where we can put our opinions and ideas w/o fear of being humiliated or retaliated against? I vote for the latter.

Thank you for listening to me,

Amy Schmitt
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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