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Bridge to Gravina
By Rob Glenn


June 21, 2005

I must say it is nice to see so many people start jumping on the bandwagon concerning this bridge they want to build. Finally people are starting to express the concerns they have. Although it is claimed that the residents of Ketchikan voted on this project, it is nice to know that Mr. Hoff and I are not the only two people opposed to the bridge.

If Alaska is going to get the money from the Feds, then they should use it wisely. At some point Ted is not going to be in office and some Jr. Senator will ask for some money, and when the feds start to see how we are spending it, on bus depots and bridges to no where, how likely are they to offer up more money?

Let's get the money, but let's use it wisely.

I was thinking about the Mackinaw bridge in Michigan which is a high spanning bridge between lower and upper Michigan. Did you know that cars were blown off that bridge? What happens with this one when we get one of our SE gusty winter days? Will they be forced to shut the bridge down? Then how will we get to the airport?

Shoot! We'd be better off building a "tunnel to nowhere."

Rob Glenn
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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