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"Downing street memo" letter
By Josh Cook


June 21, 2005

Obviously, Mr. Randy Johnson you have all forgotten about 9/11. What happened then is all you should need to say, "this is not going to happen again!" Wake up Mr. Johnson! The Downing Street memo is most likely false. the Journalist that got this stuff said himself that he destroyed the originals and retyped them. Hello!!! How can you trust any journalist after Rathergate!!

Has there been another 9/11? No!! Is Saddam still raping, murdering, gassing, and torturing? NO!! Thanks to Bush and the coolest Military in the world, we're safer and you are able to stand there and blast my President and my military. If this country is so bad, go live where they all think like you do. I'll pay for the plane ticket!

Josh Cook
Rocky Face, GA - USA


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