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PIPSters, Don't Lose More
By David Hanger


June 21, 2005

While undoubtedly there remain diehards in town willing to believe what their cult master tells them, PIPS is in process of final collapse at this time.  Law enforcement has shut down PIPS internet access into Britain, Belgium, and Indonesia.  PIPS internet servers in Singapore have been shut down by the law. What may yet prove to be the largest Ponzi scheme in history is at the present time causing a unique, if not pioneering, worldwide law enforcement effort. 

For those local PIPSters who are finally willing to come up for air, contacting those law enforcement agencies so frequently mentioned in recent articles remains an excellent idea; but there is something else even more important all of you should be doing.  YOU HAVE PROVIDED YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO A WORLD CLASS CON MAN.  In effect thereby you are one of many voluntary victims of a massive identity theft (He didn't just take your money.). 

It is, therefore, recommended that you immediately cancel all your existing credit cards, bank accounts, etc. if you have not done so already.  Follow through procedurally and contact the fraud alert agencies set up to protect your finances.

What's gone is gone.  Don't lose more.
David Hanger
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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