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Beneath Contempt
By Roger McLord


June 20, 2005

Lisa Hoffman's article on the Downing Street Minutes is beneath contempt. If she has to cover up for the Bush administration, she could have at least acknowledged the lies. No one needs to be reminded that Saddam is a bad guy, but all Americans need to know how this administration lied to congress and the American public.

Hoffman appears to be one of the Limbaugh ditto heads who can ignore the meaning of the constitution and rule of law if it impinges on the Republican desire to dominate Iraqi to the benefit, by billions of dollars, of Halliburton and other American corporations, at the expense of our military and the taxpayers, not to mention U.S. status with other countries of the world.

In covering the Downing Street Minutes there was no need for her to blame Clinton (standard Faux News tactic, Hey, look over there, it's Clinton's fault!) for Bush's corruption or cite the laundry list of Saddam's activities. There was a need for her to comment on the reason the memo is getting attention.

In case she doesn't understand it, please inform her that Bush mounted a conspiracy to lie to congress, fix the facts around the policy and engage the right wing propaganda media (of which she seems to be a proud member) to pursuade Americans to engage in an illegal war. The story that all this was chronicled in the media at the time does not make it ok for Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al, to lie to congress and the American People. Tell her that that's still illegal, even if she doesn't understand it. Ask her also, if, since she is so pro Bush, why she doesn't enlist in the military and volunteer to go to Iraq? Her incompetence as a journalist might be offset by her heroism in combat, although I suspect, like Bush, she's a pretend-patriot who would go awol rather than actually server her country.

Roger McLord



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