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Bridge to Gravina
By Robert McRoberts


June 20, 2005

Over the past few months now we have debated the bridge to no where, I just wonder what kind of businesses are going to come and why? The city has said they are using all the power from Swan Lake and we do not have a sure plus of power for Gravina. But yet we stopped the power grids money. They say we need the land to expand but what about all this land behind north Point Higgins where they were originally going to build the airport, or even behind Mountain Point? I understand years ago the borough sold some land there but never made access to it.
I wonder if all the roads over there are going to be built and never finished as the west end of Roosevelt drive where it comes down to the boat launch. The fire department may have to go to a fire there but they will have to go all the way around. Is this what we are going to be blessed with over there? What about developing there? It's all wet lands. Do you hold the special permit? There are going to have to be large waste areas to dump all that muskeg. Then where are we going to get the rock from to fill these holes in? We are having a hard time getting rock source on this side of the channel.
Then we have to build some source of sewer plant and piping. Is this going to be Mountain Point all over? But what about water? A business is going to need water. Maybe they can pay for a line under the bridge as the owners of the property by Wal-Mart have to do. O'hell, we better just add that to the cost of the bridge too. These are big stumbling blocks that should be addressed first to see the cost that we are going to susceptible to. The land around Wal-mart was developed a long time ago before things got so difficult to develop and there still is nothing going on there.
So far most of the letters have been against the bridge. Colleen you know that your grand dad did not know the bridge was going to cost $400 million+. We all thought a bridge would be nice - then we thought it could be simple till the cruise company said they would quit coming if they had to go around it. But I tell you and the rest of the world, that since all the tree huggers in the country have shut down our logging and aren't buying our fish, let them pay for this Bridge
So there's my opinion for the week. Hope it's not hurting any one. O'yea Pete your boat and plane are growing mold could you get some one to wash them.

Have a nice sunny day maybe we can hit the 90s today.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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