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Substance of the current "hoohah"
By George Parrish


June 20, 2005

Hoffman glibly skips over the substance of the current "hoohah" to point out once again that Saddam was indeed a bad guy, which nobody can deny. The point, however, is that intentionally misleading the congress and the people of the United States to justify the war is not only morally indefensible, but it is also an impeachable offense, as it should be.

Putting our youth (and my son is an Airborne Ranger) in harm's way is the most gravely serious decision that a President can make. Shame on Bush for "cooking" the intelligence to fit the policy, and shame on Lisa Hoffman for attempting to obscure that shameful fact by offering her belated (and irrelevant) pro-war arguments.

George Parrish
Gardner, Colorado - USA



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June 19, 2005



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