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Trajectory of a crisis
By David Irby


June 20, 2005

As a US citizen, I wish to point out that, Lisa Hoffman ( Trajectory of a crisis , June 19), begs those questions as to the Iraq War which are essential, and seeks to obscure them with the same line which pro-war advocates have been taking ever since it became clear that there was never any "9-11 link" or any substantial amounts of WMD. Whatever! Saddam Hussein was a bad man and we are well rid of him.

But, if Saddam was not complicit in 9-11 and/or posed no substantial threat to his neighbors, then there was no justification for Bush's Iraq invasion in international law. And that means simply, that George W. Bush is nothing short of a war criminal.

And the rest of Ms Hoffman's arguments are just ludicrous! For instance, the containment policy was costing $1 billion per year and was escalating and eventually an American plane might actually have been shot down (etc.). But nearly 1700 US troops and countless thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed and the cost is going toward $400 billion with no end in sight.

David Irby
Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland



Trajectory of a crisis By LISA HOFFMAN - There's a mighty hoo-hah blowing across the ocean from Britain, one amplified by blasts from American bloggers about the timing of President Bush's decision to go to war with Iraq. - More...
June 19, 2005


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