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A Father's Day letter to my daughters
By Carroll G. Fader


June 20, 2005

Since the day you were born, your mother's and my greatest concerns have been about your health and well-being. I counted your fingers and toes, and willingly accepted the responsibility to do everything in my power to keep you healthy.
jpg Carroll G. Fader

During your early days, we consoled you through scraped knees, the mumps, and immunizations... We watched you grow into lovely young women ­ full of health, life and compassion.

But even though you are adults, with homes and families of your own, I'm still your father and you, my daughters. So as I look for new ways to protect you and make your lives better, I decided to give of myself to make your health care at home even better. I've joined the Board of the new Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation. Our first project is to raise funds to create a Women's Diagnostic Imaging Suite ­ providing state of the art equipment to identify breast cancer, abdominal problems and bone diseases in a suite that's comfortable and private for women. I'm amazed at how advanced this equipment is - and that soon we will be able to have it available in Ketchikan.

You, your mother, and your families are my dearest treasures. And if I can make our lives better and help when times are difficult, then I have done my job as your father. Yes, we are all blessed!

Carroll G. Fader
First and foremost, father
also Board Member of Ketchikan General Hospital Foundation
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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