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Media lies
By Bridget Gibson


June 20, 2005

The Hoffman column, for that must be what it was - was a personal opinion and not a whit of reporting.

Hoffman has spun her own lies and the media lies nicely into one little column of vomit.

There were many "news" stories during the year of 2002 that merely repeated the endless lies of this administration - not once do I recall any reporting on the outright lies that were told - the White House press puppies sat, begged and rolled over at every command from on high.

Where was the outrage when Bush stated during the 2003 SOTU that there were "yellow cake" sales from Niger?

That was a lie.

Where was the outrage when Colin Powell waived a college student's 13 year old thesis around at the UNSC?

That was another lie.

It was all lies and every mainstream media outlet reported it as truth.

Get over yourself and get a real job - quit being a stenographer for criminals and defending their criminal behavior with your own spew.


Bridget Gibson
Worth, MO - USA



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