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By Brian Johnson


June 20, 2005

Please! For just a minute stop the right wing spin. No matter how much you try to blame Clinton for everything bad in the world he's only responsible for so much. While the facts Lisa Hoffman uses in this article are basically true her right wing or corporate (not much difference) bias is overpowering.

What is a better bargain for the American people 1 billion per year and a few hundred exhausted pilots, or 1 billion per week, and the hundreds of thousands of our military personnel who are being tied down in this war we will never win?

No matter how you try to twist the facts it is clear to anyone with a brain that Bush has LIED to the American people over and over again.Clinton was impeached for lying about getting oral sex from an intern, Bush's lies on the other hand have cost hundreds of thousands of innocent people their lives. Who deserves to be impeached?

What this country needs from the media is balance and honesty not the endless propaganda we get now.

Brian Johnson



Trajectory of a crisis By LISA HOFFMAN - There's a mighty hoo-hah blowing across the ocean from Britain, one amplified by blasts from American bloggers about the timing of President Bush's decision to go to war with Iraq. - More...
June 19, 2005



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