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Disgusted with the lies
By Melissa Shutta


June 17, 2005

The DSM is only one document of many. Evidently someone in Britain is as disgusted with the lies as I am and has leaked a lot of information. I am sure you are aware of the rest of the evidence so it is a tad dishonest to mention only one of them. The hearing yesterday brought up enough questions to warrent an investigation. Good grief , Clinton goes through impeachment over a sexual dalliance and Bush gets away, literally , with murder.

You who have access to public media should look for honest answers rather than holding on to preconceived notions of what happened. As more information has been made public, it would be helpful if the mainstream media would see fit to let the people know about it. Watergate would not have made the back page in today's controlled media.

Melissa Shutta
Wilton, CA - USA


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