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"Downing Street Memo Proves Nothing"
By Jennifer Zilliac


June 17, 2005

Regarding "Downing Street Memo Proves Nothing" by Jay Ambrose, I find it fascinating that the more right-leaning the news source, the less information the author provides about the so-called Downing Street Memo. Ambrose includes one snippet of a quote from the memo: "military action was now seen as inevitable." I agree with Ambrose that that is not a huge revelation. Rather than quoting the most damning sentence in the memo, Ambrose paraphrases it as a "A muddy line in the Downing Street memo has been taken to suggest the administration was contriving the case for war..." Here is the paraphrased sentence:"But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." How muddy is that? Just as Clinton struggled with the meaning of "is," conservatives are now struggling with the word "fixed." The fact is, Clinton lied to a judge about having sexual relations with an intern, and Bush lied to Congress about the case for going to war. They are both impeachable offenses. Republicans will say, I suppose, that Clinton's act was worse, but at some point they will have to come to terms with 100,000 people dead, many of them innocent women and children.
Jennifer Zilliac
Palo Alto, CA - USA


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Thursday - June 16, 2005



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