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Bridge to Gravina
By Bill Thomas Sr.


June 08, 2005

Dear Sitnews:

Please forgive me for falling victim to an hypothesis. The hypothesis that a bridge to Gravina Island will somehow result in a road across the island and eventually to the mainland.

I have to admit that the bridge is more attractive to me than the other road. If I wanted to live in a crowded populated location where nobody knows each other, where benefits for people that experience a personal crisis such as health or loss of possessions is unheard of, I would have been gone long before this discussion came up. I would not relocate and spend my time trying to make my new home just like it is where I just came from. The majority are only enduring this fine community until retirement anyway, then it's adios amigos. And the remaining residents have to maintain the "improvements" left behind by the people with "vision and hopes" (for a better existence).

If overpopulating a place is an improvement of existence, I apologize for my ignorance in that area. And to those that see economic growth as the result of the bridge to Gravina, would you please share that with me? Without using words of hypothesis such as may, can, might, could, should or if.

Again, I'm not speaking in opposition of the bridge!!! Wait till we start discussion on the dock expansion. Something new to chew on...


Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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