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Pretty Flowers
By Jerry Cegelske


June 07, 2005

Ketchikan is blessed with an abundance of flowers that grow here.  In early spring we have crocus, daffodil, and tulips, followed by rhododendrons, each blooming in it's own time.  Businesses and residences are decorated with nature's floral bouquets for our enjoyment.  They help soften the aggravations of the day while people look at them or work in their flower gardens.

 jpg Rhododendron blooms

Rhododendron blooms

On June 6, 2005 I was able to observe a new variety along North Tongass.  It wasn't that unusual but I thought you would like to see it.  I collected a giant of the species, about 4 feet long and thought I could enter it in the SE fair at Haines in August.  I found two others, one by a group of mail boxes and the second just sprouting along the road.  The only thing I can think is that some come lately Johnny Appleseed wanna-be was planting them along the road for your enjoyment.
Actually a sharp-eyed motorist told me about the plantings.  I was of course heading into town when I got the call so I turned around and headed North as the driver  was by the carwash and had been observing the planting sequence for the last mile or so.  A dump truck driver was seeding the road with everything from the seedlings to the mature blooms.  What a guy!  Giving back such beauty to the community!  Don't you just love it.

jpg Exotic species by mailbox

Exotic species by mailbox

I stopped long enough to pick up the giant of the species and observed a Trooper heading North.  Turns out the driver also called them as they didn't think I could respond in time.  I met the Trooper by their new offices where he had pulled over to pick up another of the exotic species.  I checked out one location and ended up going further North where the driver had observed one of the dump trucks pulling off.  Both of the observed dump trucks, including the offending one, were there when we arrived.
The Troopers are going to handle this part of Ketchikan's beautification program.   In order to help them out, I gave them the giant of the species even though it may have cost me a blue ribbon in the exotic species catagory!

Jerry Cegelske
Code enforcement - Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Ketchikan, AK - USA




Exotic sprout!



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