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Yellow Ribbons
By Gavin Finley


June 07, 2005

Dear Friends,

I appreciate the opportunity to use the photo of Vicky Pilcher by Gigi Pilcher from the Sitnews' article and to share some additional information relating to the tradition of the yellow ribbons.

I believe we have good evidence that the yellow ribbon tradition goes back 400 years to English history as it was about to bud and to send off a shoot, a new nation, into the New World. It would come to be called the United States of America. The article shows a direct link to the sashes worn by soldiers and cavalry officers in the Puritan Army of Parliament during the English Civil War. Since the Puritans were beginning to migrate to America in large numbers during that time we have our connection.

Here is the link to the article

Best wishes,

Gavin Finley MD
Pensacola, FL - USA



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